Quinn Evans Architects – Eastern Market

2011 AIA Potomac Valley Design Awards Citation Award Winner
Quinn Evans Architects
Eastern Market
Built, Commercial Under 50K SF
Washington, DC

Eastern Market is a thriving center of economic and social activity. It is a critical  component of life on Capitol Hill, playing a central role in the lives of residents much  the same as a town square. This historic Romanesque Revival style market is a  designated local landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In  2005 a $3 million rehabilitation effort commenced to address the degradation of the  structure and provide updated utilities. However, in the spring of 2007 before  construction began, the market was devastated by a fire requiring replacement of the  roof and all vendor equipment. The fire presented the opportunity to not only repair the fire damage, but to implement a more aggressive and comprehensive rehabilitation

The roof assembly was replaced, keeping 50% of the historic iron trusses, and  re-introducing a missing historic skylight and ridge vent system. The severity of the fire exposed an existing first floor structure that was beyond repair. Thus, for the South  Hall, an entirely new floor assembly was introduced. This provided the opportunity to conceal HVAC and electrical distribution in the basement. All new HVAC, fire alarm,  telephone, data, and lighting systems were installed.

Fire protection and air conditioning were added to the building for the first time in its  history. The building was made accessible with improved amenities for the employees and the public. Many sustainable design features were integrated into the project including storm water filtration, high efficiency HVAC systems, low wattage lighting, and increased building envelope thermal resistance.

The rehabilitation retained the original function and character of the market while  providing a modernized and refreshed environment for market operations and  community use. The beloved landmark re-opened on 26 June 2009 to much applause and public acclaim.

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